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    M H Stainton Ltd

    01524 842729
    20a Queen Street, Lancaster,  LA11RX
    What We Do\r\n There's nothing quite like a Stainton home. From the bold architectural designs with the finest interior finishes to the incredibly energy-efficient home installations and the prestigious locations, they ooze the quality that has become the norm for this leading North of England builder.\n\nOur Commitment.\nFrom day one, the Stainton team focussed on building the kind of properties that people actually wanted. The homes the company has built are homes for real people, people who want attractively designed, energy efficient properties in the right locations and communities.\n\nAnd the Stainton eye for detail and belief in quality has led to numerous awards all highlighting Michael Stainton's quest to deliver on the very best. Little wonder that MH Stanton Ltd has established an undisputed reputation for delivering only the very best in quality.\n\nIt is Michael Stainton's proud boast that his team can turn a hand to any project. The company's portfolio boasts fine examples of regeneration, renovation, adaption and extension projects as well as new build apartments and luxurious mansions.\n\nThe Stainton team can also manage any type of project from inception through to completion. Everything is done in-house, giving the client one point of contact.\r\n\r\n
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    Mountain Circle Ltd

    07929 077077
    Western Rd, Southall,  UB25HE
    Here at Mountain Circle we are professional development company that buy's residential or commercial properties which then renovates and develops those properties to resell.\n\nIf you are planning on selling your home we will work with you to find the best price and buy this off you, instead of being on the property ladder. \nWe then renovate the property to ensure it is ready to be rented or sold on to a new buyer. \n\nWe want to ensure our customers are selling their property at the best price whether this is a home or commercial property.
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    598 Property Solutions

    07966 095227
    26 Rawlinson Road, Catterick Garrison,  DL93AP
    Here at 598 Property Solutions, in Catterick, North Yorkshire, we are expert property investors who provide innovative solutions to people who need to sell their property fast. In this volatile financial landscape, it's a common problem to be caught in a sticky situation with your property portfolio, but the good news is that we're here to provide specialist investment services.\n\nOur clients usually require three things; a fast sale, a fair price, and peace of mind that the sale won't fall through. We guarantee to meet these criteria and provide you with an ethical and supportive solution. Sometimes we offer a simple buy-sell transaction, but there are a number of other options which require a bit more creativity. We have helped people in the direst of situations, such as bankruptcy and negative equity, to find solutions to recover their financial situation.\n\nAlongside these services, we also help landlords who see an opportunity to renovate their portfolio but lack capital. Our innovative purchase/lease programme and deep knowledge of construction and project management facilitate this possibility.
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    Westfield Home Buyers

    01482 353637
    Westfield House 960 Anlaby Road, Hull,  HU46AH
    Since 1989 we have been specialising in buying all types of residential property in Hull and Yorkshire as well as nationally. We buy all kinds of houses, whether they are modern, old or require extensive repair.\n\nAs a leading firm of cash house buyers Westfield Home Buyers is proud of its reputation for professionalism, confidentiality and fair dealings. Our aim is to help you sell your home quickly and with minimal stress.\n\nOur cash offer is immediate and followed up with an offer in writing which will not change at the last moment. And, if you need a fast completion, that's not a problem either. Purchase is not subject to a survey.\n\nIf you've been suffering sleepless nights, our unique position of having the money in the bank means that we can arrange everything for you. From legal costs to completion dates, we've got it covered. Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.\n\nIf you need to sell your property quickly please don't hesitate to contact us.
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    Property Acquisitions 2017

    07736 151695
    130 Old Street, London,  EC1V9BD
    We have the knowledge, experience and understanding of what homeowners require. We currently operate throughout the UK. So, whether you are looking for that first home or a 6-bedroom detached property we can help.\n\nOur growth has been driven by referrals from our clients who like the levels of personal service we provide and have enjoyed working with us and have then recommended us to friends and colleagues. We are proud of the faith that clients place in us, many of whom have worked with us over many years making multiple investments.
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    At East Kent Design & Developments, we specialise in property development, property design and building services.\n\nOur services range from:\n- Property Development\n- Property Maintenance\n- Plumbing \n- Gardening \n- Refurbishments\n- Interior And Exterior Decorating\n- Plastering \n- Guttering \n- Roofing \n- General Cleaning \n\nPlease contact us for more information
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    Cameo Properties

    01322 555412
    57 Bexley High Street, Bexley,  DA51AB
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    Stanton Construction

    01737 227430
    Stanton House, Reigate,  RH20SA
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    Silson Properties Ltd

    07734 476228
    Rignall Farm Barns, Handley Park, Towcester,  NN128PA
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    Laurence Homes

    01449 771177
    14 Ruskin Close, Stowmarket,  IP141TY
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    New Hall Property Ltd

    01782 536436
    The New Hall, Stoke-on-trent,  ST68PA
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    Riverside Group The Housing Association Riverside Bridge

    01928 596134
    Halton Brook Avenue, Halton Brook, Runcorn,  WA72NW
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    Oakmil Developments Ltd

    01392 662243
    60 Grenville Avenue, Exeter,  EX48EU
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    City & Global

    020 8653 7080
    25a Norbury Road, Thornton Heath,  CR78JP

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